Emmanuelle Jaborska



I've been tutoring in math, science, general study skills, and a little Spanish, both privately and through a local company. Here is where my love of math is coming into play! My students range from teenagers to adults. I enjoy helping students and seeing them improve their grades as well as gain confidence. I love seeing the lightbulb go on!!!

Organizational Skills

Disliking messes by nature (it makes me uneasy), I try to minimize clutter in our own home. It means being willing to let go, to realize that piece of paper or object really will not be used in the next n days. I am also the master of all lists as somebody once said. I am willing to help those in the area with their organizational needs - get in touch!

Educational Aide

From the end of 2001 to mid 2007, I worked part-time as an aide in Warren County, NJ. My student was an autistic boy (diagnosis of PDD) born in 1995. We first broke into his world using a very special program called "Son-Rise", and have since integrated other programs such as ABA into his sessions, per Growing Minds, and RDI. He loves people, has great eye contact, and I have been lucky enough to see him laugh, initiate games with me, and further develop his sense of humor! I am no longer with him, but learning along with him has been a wonderful personal experience, allowing me to grow and expand my own thinking.


I've been able to put my bilingual skills to use. My first - and so far only - official project was a website translation from English to French. See Melinda Maidens' "Horses and History".


I graduated from Rutgers University's College of Engineering. I obtained both the Bachelor's (1992) and Master's (1996) degrees from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. I last worked full-time in mechanical engineering back in 2001. Here is my resume.

Database Design & Programming

I was working as a computer consultant while finishing the graduate degree part-time. I gained experience in Microsoft Access and Visual Basic programming as well as in HTML. Perhaps I did so well at it because of how my brain likes organization!

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